[Short Story] About Careless

one word that represented me, careless.. the story based on my latest experience, this noon.. it was cloudy on my campus, i didn’t bring the raincoat, it had been borrowed by my friend, Bambang.. no matter what, i determined to leave campus and went to PETRA togamas without raincoat.. i was gambling with the weather, i knew it’s gonna rain buat i tried to make sure my self that there’s no rain ’till i arrived on PETRA togamas.. i started the journey..

the road was not too crowd, my motocycle could run swiftly.. the weather still cloudy but there’s no rain.. i thought i could reached PETRA togamas before raining, or more the rain was not fall.. i was at Jl.Manyar, then i sense my skin touched by a driblet of water, suddenly the rain fallen, it’s became harder and harder, more harder.. finally, i stopped, just removed my phonecells from my pants pocket to my jacket pocket.. from the experience before, my jacket was resistance from water, it means that it’s still dry inward when the outward was wet, i’d proved it.. that’s why i removed my phonecells.. after that, no matter what, i determined to continue my journey, i broke through the rain.. i was going to be wet, and the rain became more harder, it means that i became wet more.. then i stopped again for a minute just to the a rest from this hard journey, very hard, puff.. when i thought it’s enough to rest i continued the journey, and the rain became more vicious..

finally, i arrived on PETRA togamas, my condition was poorly wet.. i parked my motocycle, payed the ticket, then went to the lavatory.. i checked my phonecells and the result was.. ARGHHH!! it’s drowning, i couldn’t believe it but for real, my phonecells was drowning inside the jacket pocket, shortly i turned off my phonecells, prevented from furthermore damage, it should be short circuit inside.. NO!! I didn’t want it, but until now i couldn’t turn it on.. i thought it happened because i didn’t close the jacket pocket’s zip, then the water from the rain came in and flooded my jacket pocket, the result was my phonecells drowned.. i was careless..


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